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<i>Colewell</i> <i>Colewell</i> <i>Colewell</i>

April 28, 2021  ·  Online Film Event  ·  AC Presents


Annenberg Center 20/21 Film Series | Pew Fellows x Annenberg Center

In tiny Colewell, Pennsylvania, residents gather at the post office for mail and gossip, while the days pass quiet and serene. That is, until news comes that the office will be closing, and beloved clerk Nora (Karen Allen) is left to fight for her job and reflect on the choices she has made that kept her in Colewell for so many years. Touching, with a hint of melancholy, Tom Quinn’s eloquent film is an ode to small-town life and the silent emotions that come with nostalgia and memories of the past. Infusing Nora with integrity and grace, Allen captures the intimate and often private struggle that occurs later in life, when unexpected changes occur. Heartened by a great supporting cast including Hannah Gross and Kevin J. O’Connor, Colewell gorgeously captures rural America, while giving space to the beauty of time passing and reflecting on what determines a life well lived.

Directed by Tom Quinn (Program Director, Film & Television at Drexel University), 2019, USA, Drama, 79 minutes, English

Viewing window will be April 28 at 7 PM through May 4. Access information will be provided in advance. You can also visit our FAQs page for additional details.


  • Wednesday, April 28 @ 7 PM


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Join Colewell director Tom Quinn for a discussion with Maori Karmael Holmes, our Curator-at-Large for Film, on April 28 at 8:20 PM. Click here to join via Zoom >>

Photo credit: Courtesy Colewell