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Calle de la Resistencia

<i>Calle de la Resistencia</i> <i>Calle de la Resistencia</i> <i>Calle de la Resistencia</i> <i>Calle de la Resistencia</i> <i>Calle de la Resistencia</i> <i>Calle de la Resistencia</i>

May 8, 2021  ·  Online Film Event  ·  AC Presents


Annenberg Center 20/21 Film Series

Shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, Calle de la Resistencia is an emotional look at the struggle of the Puerto Rican people to regain its dignity. With a unique blend of real-life footage and staged musical production, the film tells the tale of nine Puerto Ricans whose lives were forever changed by Maria, the deadly hurricane that left thousands of families without a home and millions without access to water, food, electricity, medicine and communications. Two years later, fate brings these nine people together to the epicenter of the protests that ultimately resulted in the resignation of the Puerto Rican governor, a symbolic triumph of the people over corruption, albeit short-lived. Featuring 20 original songs, Calle de la Resistencia picks up the pieces of a tragic history and transforms them into hope.

Directed by Denise Blasor, 2021, Puerto Rico, musical/drama, 79 minutes

The 24-hour viewing window will be May 8 at 7 PM through May 9. Access information will be provided in advance. You can also visit our FAQs page for additional details.

This is an exclusive sneak preview prior to the film's world premiere at the 2021 Philadelphia Latino Film Festival.

Co-presented with Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and AFROTAINO.


  • Saturday, May 8 @ 7 PM · Watch
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