Story Pirates

Story Pirates Story Pirates Story Pirates Story Pirates Story Pirates

May 7 – 9, 2020  ·  Annenberg Center

Children's Festival


Ages 5-10

The Story Pirates aren’t your typical swashbuckling sailors. These pirates are after a different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative stories. Called "crazy entertaining" by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and known for their hit podcast and award-winning albums, this hilarious comedy troupe creates a show before your eyes that’s as silly and unexpected as kids themselves. Laugh as your children invent crime-fighting cats, dancing ninjas or superhero tomatoes, and watch as the Story Pirates bring their ideas to life.

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  • Thursday, May 7 @ 10 AM
  • Thursday, May 7 @ 12:30 PM
  • Friday, May 8 @ 10 AM
  • Friday, May 8 @ 12:30 PM
  • Saturday, May 9 @ 3:45 PM · tickets


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