Eddie BI'm Already Professionally Developed

Eddie B Eddie B

March 20, 2021  ·  Zellerbach Theatre  ·  Guest Events


This event has been rescheduled from Mar 21, 2020 to Mar 20, 2021.

Teacher-turned-comedian Eddie B is single-handedly changing the comedy game, tapping into the minds of teachers around the world and selling out major arenas throughout the country in minutes. The self-made artist has established himself as the official voice of teachers across the globe through his popular "What Teachers Really Say" video series and sold-out shows at such venues as the famed Houston Improv and New York's Broadway Comedy Club. A stress reliever to millions of educators world-wide, Eddie B's hilarious, smart, passionate and brutally honest comedy is served with comic wisdom and powerful energy, all from the eyes of an actual teacher.


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