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Malavika Sarukkai's elegant dance tribute to the Ganges (Philadelphia Inquirer)
April 14, 2014

BODYTRAFFIC makes an impressive debut (Philadelphia Inquirer)
April 5, 2014

BODYTRAFFIC: The new kid on the block (Broad Street Review)
March 25, 2014

The evolution of Doug Elkins (Broad Street Review)
March 11, 2014

Choreography as conversation: Doug Elkins at the Annenberg Center (Broad Street Review)
March 2, 2014

Rasta Thomas's Bad Boys of Dance: Like a night at the Trocadero (Broad Street Review)
February 25, 2014

Rasta Thomas' Bad Boys of Dance weren't really that bad (Philadelphia Weekly)
February 24, 2014

Bad Boys of Dance, all in good fun (Philadelphia Inquirer)
February 22, 2014

LAST CHANCE: "Rasta Thomas' Bad Boys of Dance" is the cure to your winter blues (Philadelphia City Paper)
February 22, 2014

Rasta Thomas brings his Bad Boys of Dance to Philly (Metro Philadelphia)
February 20, 2014